The Benefits of Solar Powered Generator

A solar powered generator can be the one you need for your home. It provides enough back-up power to supply electricity to necessary appliances in the house. Aside from this, it can benefit you with state tax incentives, tax credits and an alternative source of income.

It all depends with what you can do with your creative mind. Proponents of solar generators were able to do just that by using solar panels to produce electricity and provide ample shelter for cars.

Integration of A Solar Powered Generator In The Community

In the Southern California area, there was a formation of solar powered generators that are called solar groves or solar trees. These were constructed not only to harness solar energy but also to serve as a parking lot for cars. On a clear day, the parking lot would appear like it was constructed straight out of a science fiction movie.

High above metal poles, the solar panels were placed and arranged to appear like roof shelters. What customers do not know is that the metallic blue panels also serve as a solar power generator producing usable electricity. Over all, the solar cells can supply up to 17 kilowatts of electricity.

Solar Generator In The Home

Fitting solar-powered generator pairs into a design such as that of a parking lot is very ingenious indeed. Adopting the design to cover an open space is a good idea but you can think of other ingenious designs for solar powered generators pairs as well.

For instance, why not turn the roof of the house into pairs of solar panels. The slanted design of the roof of a house is perfect for sunlight that would directly hit the surface of the solar panel. There will be no problem as long as the solar panels are constructed at the side of the roof that faces the sun. You now have a futuristic roof design while also saving monthly electricity costs for your home.

Integrating a solar powered generator to your home would not only result to money savings. It can also be a valuable contribution to the “green movement.” Because of this, most US states are implementing tax incentives and credits to reward those who use a solar generator.

Solar generators are also used by the military

What Is The Real Deal

As explained, a solar powered generator is cleaner and greener as compared to fuel-powered generators. It does not require any oil or lubricants for maintenance and so does not stink like other oil-dependent equipment. It also does not release any by-product to the environment unlike that of the fuel-powered generators, which releases harmful carbon dioxide into the air. Since it has no moving parts, it is also very quiet as compared to the noisy idling of a standard utility generator.

You have your savings and tax incentives, you can also contribute to a cleaner and safer environment; notwithstanding these positive benefits, people may contend that a solar generator is too costly to purchase.

True, a powerhouse solar powered generator can be costly but the savings that one can earn from using the generator can be more than that for a lifetime.

Why a Solar Power Generator

You know that the world is getting polluted every minute because of man-made wastes. While everyone else are looking for ways to avoid contributing to pollution, there is also a silent but pressing need to identify an alternative source of energy that can help save the environment and prevent Greenhouse Effect from getting to the extreme.

There are a number of alternatives out there, some of which you might have heard already — hydroelectric power, wind power, biofuel plants — but everything seems to be on a macro level. Is there something that can be done on a personal level? The answer to that is a solar power generator . Not only that it can be used to provide enough power to a small house; it is also a good way of helping the community keep the environment clean.

Solar Power Generator: Why Only Now?

1. Back in the days, a solar powered generator had a limited number of application and use but current demand for it is increasing. This increase in demand was mainly because of advancements in Photovoltaic or PV technology, which is the technology that converts solar energy into a usable energy such as electricity.

Also, Solar power that was harnessed through a solar cell was limited because the silicon material used was not that effective in collecting and eventually trapping solar energy.

Today, solar cells have a higher efficiency in trapping solar energy because of newer materials introduced such as amorphous silicon.

2. Advancements in substrate materials have also contributed to the high demand for solar power generator systems. Previously, silicon wafer substrates were used but now, plastic substrates are used. This results to a more flexible and durable solar cell as compared to the rigid structure of solar cells in silicon wafer substrates.

Both advances in solar cell technology resulted to a better and improved solar generator.

3. Old solar power sytems were used to provide back-up power to satellites in space. Today, a solar power generator can be commissioned to supply power to small houses and cabins, radar towers, well pumps and lighthouses.

Mobile Solar Powered Generators

The advancement in technology made the solar power generator more usable and reasonable. But what made it popular to the public? When flexible solar panels came into production, it was only a matter of time for scientists to make solar panels fit for mobile use.

Field operations of the military require a lot of mobility and using a portable solar system to supply the required power of its equipment is the practical thing to do. The solar generator actually became a requirement for emergency situations and search and rescue activities.

To the public, the flexible solar power generator became a necessary back-up power at home. Smaller foldable power chargers were also developed to power electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

The Future Of Solar Generators

The demand for solar generators has been increasing since the decrease in cost per megawatt power of generated power using photovoltaic or solar cells. The reason behind this is due to the latest advancements in the field of photovoltaic technology. Now, solar power generators can do the work of most fuel-based generators at a lower cost.

Increasing Demand For Solar Generators

On summer of 2007, a provider of transportable solar generator won the bidding wars for a solar generator project. The project entails constructing three solar powered generators along the US Central Coast that will power high frequency radar infrastructure. The project is near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Supplying power to remote coasts can be difficult and costly, yet solar generators can do the job and at less a cost, too. The solar panels are connected to battery banks that stores energy during sunny days.

Solar generators of today can now provide enough electricity to power well pumps and even radar towers. Depending on the power requirement, solar energy can even power a small house or a cabin.

Aside from this, it also has a number of recharging options if the weather is not that sunny. Combustion generators and utility power sources can be used to recharge solar generators. Even considering the rainy season, it may still be reasonable to invest on a solar generator.

How Does It Work

Solar generators can be conveniently housed inside a trailer body that comes complete with wheels for ease of transportation. The solar panels are constructed outside of the trailer and its position can be controlled depending on the level of sunlight. On the other hand, the large battery banks can be placed inside the trailer, secured.

The solar panels then trap solar energy and store it in the battery banks through a charge controller. Using an inverter, the DC electricity stored in the battery banks are converted into AC electricity.

The advantage of the set-up is that when power is not needed, it would simply be stored in the battery banks. At night, even without sunlight, power stored in the battery banks can be used that could last for a couple of hours.

Maintaining Solar Generators

Solar powered generators owe their appeal to low maintenance. The only maintenance required for them is maintenance of battery banks and solar panels.

The battery banks are maintained with an occasional re-filling of distilled water. Battery banks can last a long time as long as it is kept working in pristine order through proper maintenance.

The solar panels are the ones, which harness the solar energy from the sun so they must be kept clean and dust or grime-free all the time.

Other than these two, the solar generators basically run on its own with the automatic harnessing and storing of solar energy from the sun. With such a low maintenance required keeping the solar generator running, it would definitely make it one of the best, if not the very best alternative source of energy.

The Benefits of a Solar Generator

Tired of totally relying on the electricity to power-up your house? Yes, you can never do away with electricity but at least you have an option for an alternative source of power — one that you can easily harness to meet your needs. It can be used either as a back up or as a regular source for a percentage of your power needs.

Why not invest on a solar generator? A solar system harnesses the energy of the sun and converts it into usable energy. This is an investment that would be worth your while because of a number of benefits.

A Solar Generator is quiet

Solar generators use solar panels to harness sunlight. Traditional solar panels can be seen in a layout across the roof where the sunrays would definitely hit the surface directly. The panels are made up of a special silicon material that effectively traps the energy. Because of advances in the technology, there are now solar panels that can be conveniently folded without causing damage to the solar cells.

From the solar panels, the energy are stored in a battery and if power were required, the battery would just supply the stored power that it has. The process simply consists of trapping solar energy then storing it.

As evident in the set-up, a solar power generator has no mechanical parts. The contraption is basically noise-free. The advantage of using a solar generator is recognized during concerts or rehearsals, as well as in quiet neighborhoods.

Solar Generators are Cost-Effective

Surely, the capital cost of a solar powered generator maybe more than that of an electric generator. But maintenance and overhead costs are practically nil throughout the use of the solar system. In the end, buying a solar power generator is way cheaper than a conventional electric generator.

A solar powered generator has near-zero maintenance cost because of the same reason that it is noise-free. It has no mechanical parts so you do not have to buy oil or lubricants to ensure of its peak performance.

The only maintenance that a solar generator would need is the cleaning of the solar panels and maintaining it to be clear of dust and other foreign elements that can negatively affect the trapping of solar energy.

Solar Powered generators are User and Environment-Friendly

Using solar energy for the household power needs is like living to a greener environment. It releases no harmful gas to the air and does not contribute to global warming. Not only is it safe to the environment but also friendly to the household. The generator poses no danger to you and your children unlike an electric generator do sometimes, especially in current spikes or in short circuit accidents.

One more thing, a solar generator is also safe from being accidentally damaged because the solar panels are usually located at a high ground directly towards the sun. Since the energy is being stored, it is also being regulated so the electronic devices that it supplies power to would be protected from current spikes.

Why A Portable Solar Generator Is Above The Rest

While a portable solar generator converts solar energy into a useful electrical power, there are many alternative sources of energy that likewise convert the power of nature into useful energy.

Hydroelectric power has since been one of the most stable alternative sources of energy. Not only does it provide power for whole communities but it also regulates the water level to prevent destructive floods.

Wind power, on the other hand, is also one of the most celebrated alternative sources of energy. The set-up is very useful in locations where strong winds are a regular throughout the year.

Both of these options use energy conversion methods but they both require mechanical contraptions to convert that power. They also require a certain amount of force to produce a large enough amount of energy that is useful for consumption.

Advantages of a Portable Solar Generator

But now, because of its flexibility and portability, a portable solar generator can soon become the primary choice for alternative power. A solar generator is the future of alternative energy power. It has many advantages while at the same time having minimal capital costs.

Unlike any other alternative sources of energy, the energy from the sun is infinite for at least billions of years more. Solar energy is also being produced for free so capital costs would not include production and depletion problems relative to the source of solar energy.

A portable solar generator has no moving parts so maintenance costs would be negligible. Minimal capital costs and near zero maintenance cost is a definite advantage for this technology.

Since it permeates every surface space, solar energy can easily be harnessed from almost anywhere. Because of this, there would be no problems related to location. You can setup a portable solar generator at any type of location as long as sunlight can reach it.

You also cannot get any greener than by using a portable solar generator. It does not generate any noise and does not release harmful and polluting gas into the atmosphere. Being a “green” option is also one of the main reasons for adopting a portable solar generator for back-up power.

Defining Portable Solar Systems

A portable solar system is usually designed as an off-grid system. On-grid systems can be identified in homes where solar panels are integrated to the household in the common grid tie wiring system. In this set-up, the house uses solar power for a percentage of its electrical power needs. This can mean supplying the lighting system or other isolated systems with minimal power requirement.

On the other hand, the off-grid type or portable solar system can be a good idea for use as back-up power system, power-recharging system or as a mobile power system. Portable solar systems are solar power generators that efficiently traps solar energy in its cells and then stores it in battery banks for later use.

Advantage Using Portable Solar Systems

A portable solar generator has a wide variety of applications. It can be useful for wilderness travel, aviation and marine applications, camping and hiking activities, survival situations, search and rescue activities, and military applications.

A portable solar system is usually packaged for convenience in travel. The portable solar panels are folded while the battery and other accessory parts are secured in a carrying case.

Because of this convenience, most of the mobile power needs can be addressed by solar systems. No need to carry dangerous fuels or bulky generators; the portable solar generators can provide as much power as any small to medium size fuel-powered generators can if sized properly.

Flexible solar panels are central to portable solar systems

These solar panels are rollable and foldable but do not cause any damage to the solar cells.

The solar power is put into good use using a set-up of battery, a power inverter, power distributor and other accessories. A good sizable generator unit can supply up to about 180 DC power. Using a power inverter, DC power can be converted into a continuous power source of about 150 watts. Over all, maximum power can be harnessed up to about 360 watts.

The battery is used to store and convert solar energy into chemical energy. Battery life usually lasts for about three hours and additional solar power would be required for recharging the battery after its stored power has been depleted. Full charging may require up to 5 hours of peak sunlight but most batteries can be charged using DC or power sources for a more fast charging when at home.

A power distributor is also used to distribute power out to either a DC or AC port depending on the needs of the user. Having a DC and AC port available creates a flexible source of power for a variety of electronic devices and gears. Power distributors are integrated with fuses to protect electronic devices.

Portable solar systems uses ATC fuses to control the current. Without a fuse, the system would become unregulated and any spike or disturbance in the system can cause serious damage especially if the current is being supplied to a sensitive electronic device.

The Many Uses of Portable Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to harness the solar energy of the sun and convert it into usable energy for electronic devices. Portable solar panels are paper-thin solar sheets that are so flexible that they can be rolled or folded without breaking or damaging the solar cells.

It is because of the high degree of flexibility and durability that foldable solar panels became useful for on-the-go applications, especially in the military and other mobile-based activities.

Portable Solar Panels For Camping Applications

Camping is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities. Young and old people alike can enjoy it. Portable solar panels are very useful for camping or hiking activities. For one, these solar panels are more convenient than fuel power generators.

Fuel generators are more dangerous. The fuel tank is also bulky and more difficult to carry and what would you do if you run out of fuel in the mountains. That would definitely be a major problem.

Portable solar panels can provide enough energy for most of needed applications. There are foldable and rollable solar panels that can fit in most camping bags. The energy source is also available throughout the day. During the night, power stored in portable batteries can be used for lighting or T’V’s and radios.

Foldable Solar Panels For Recharging Applications

Portable panels are also useful for recharging most 12-V devices. It can be used to recharge mobile phones, GPS tracking devices, laptop computers and other similar low-voltage electronic devices and gadgets.

Some of these devices or gadgets even come equipped with portable solar panels such that if ever a particular low battery power level is detected, solar power would immediately be used to recharge the device until full. Mobile equipment such as a laptop may need this kind of recharging system since a laptop battery only has a couple of hours of life.

Flexible Solar Panels For The Military

The military uses a lot of GPS, computers and mobile communication devices out in the field and so a convenient recharging application is a requirement. Portable solar panels have been developed for the military from 15 to about 60 watts of harnessing power. Most of these solar panels are camouflaged as is in most military equipment. These portable panels would provide power in the most difficult situations.

For a higher power requirement, the military uses solar field shelters or solar tents, which they use to store electrical power in battery banks. The military would convert these stored energies into electrical power for most of the needed energy supply of the camp. These can include supplying power to the water-filtering systems, refrigeration systems for the food supply, navigation and radio systems and GPS tracking systems.

The solar field shelters are available in a number of designs depending on the power requirement. If the military needs to move camp, the field shelters can be folded to be set-up on the next camp.

Such convenience of use of the portable solar panels made it a primary requirement for survival. Unlike before that survivors require a stick and dry weather to make a fire. A flexible solar panel maybe all the he needs to survive in the wild.

Portable Solar Power Is The Future

Solar energy is one of the alternative sources of electrical power. It was already in use for a number of years in a number of industries and in the military. You can see solar power-producing panels along the roof lining of houses or buildings or the more portable type in calculators and other electronic devices. The military has a good use of it as a portable power source especially in camps and when mobile.

Portable solar power has been in use for years although there have been improvements in solar power entrapment and harnessing technologies. Solar power is better than other alternative sources of energy. A solar power generator has a number of benefits over a diesel, propane or petrol-powered generator.

Portable Solar Power in The Military

The military has a good use of a quiet portable solar power while mobile. Solar power generators have been used to power satellite radio systems, GPS tracking devices and other electronic equipment. The great thing about solar power is that it can provide boundless energy with the right harnessing technology.

The military uses foldable and rollable solar power panels that can provide ample electrical power to electronic devices and gears. Since solar energy is not subject to ripples or spikes, the electronic devices are not vulnerable to damage. Because of this, solar power is a convenient energy source that is crucial to the military.

Solar Power Is Noise-Free

For one, it does not need mechanical gears or contraptions to harness solar energy. Hence it is a quiet piece of equipment that has many uses. A portable solar generator is useful during concerts, especially opera or classically themed concerts. In these types of concerts, noise is a definite a no-no; solar-powered generators is the right choice to provide back-up power.

A quiet and portable solar power would also be useful in the wilds. The wilds can mean the African wilds or the Australian outback. This type of solar power generator is useful for National Geographic or Discovery Channel documentaries and research. Since the primary requirement for effective observation of animals is to blend into their environment, artificial noise is not advisable or it may scare-off the animals, or worse lead wild beasts into a camp.

Solar Power Costs Less

Portable solar power is also useful in times when fuel maybe too pricey for convenience because it does not require any fuel. Current problems in rising fuel costs in the world market can be just the right reason to include a solar powered generator as part of the budget. Since it also has no moving parts, it does not need any oil change or lubrication like most mechanical contraptions. This would mean a cheaper piece of equipment because you do not have to include high maintenance costs as part of operational or overhead budget allocation.

Initial capital costs for investing in a portable solar power maybe more expensive than the common fuel-powered generators but in longer terms, it becomes cheaper because of its very low or negligible maintenance expenses. Actually, maintenance of solar power generators would mostly focus on maintenance of the solar panels. Keeping them clean and dust-free is necessary to keep the solar panels at peak efficiency in trapping solar energy.

Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are practically the savior of the solar panel or solar cell industry.

Traditional solar panels received a lukewarm acceptance in the energy industry and the world market as well because of being too costly and rigid in installation and construction. Imagine a thick, breakable solar panel on top of your laptop. Doesn’t look good, right?

Now, with the advent of flexible thin films for producing paper-thin solar cells, you can say goodbye to design and usability issues. The solar power technology is expected to experience a boom in both use and application.

What are  flexible solar panels?

Flexible panels are actually thin films of solar foil, which because of its flexibility has lend itself useful to a number of applications. It is because of this new feature that led to the popularity of solar-powered energy sources. The use of thin film solar panels are also expected to influence smaller electronic components as well as more portable alternative energy sources. The applications of flexible solar panels cover the construction industry, the military and even the common household.

The thin films are actually a breakthrough in photovoltaic technology and many research foundations and institutions now focus their attention in producing these thin films at a much cheaper cost. A cheaper cost is essential for the product to become more suitable for mass production (and eventually for commercial use).

Usage and application of flexible solar panels

An example of the application is in flexible batteries. The batteries use ultra-thin solar cells that are protected by a flexible gas barrier to avoid degradation with continuous exposure to the air. Because of the flexibility of the solar cells, the batteries are ultra-lightweight and are easily manufactured in small sizes. The batteries are currently used to power some smart cards and mobile handsets.

The material can also be used to develop thin film semiconductors that can be useful in a number of electronic devices. In fact, flexible solar panels have been eyed as a potential material for next generation flat panel displays. Military uses could include RFID applications (Radio frequency identification)a nd electronic paper.

New semiconductor materials out in the market such as crystalline and amorphous silicon were a result of continuous research and were developed to improve the thin film technology for flexible solar cells. These new materials may face their own obstacles in terms of cost and technical specifications but experts expect further stability for these materials as more research are done.

In thin film technologies, the major problem faced by researchers is the accuracy and precision of the resulting film. Various methods of depositing into substrates, for example, the silicon wafer, were devised to maintain the accuracy of the resulting thin film. Without this precision, the resulting solar panel would be inefficient to trap solar energy.

Without flexible solar panels, solar energy use might still be in its infancy today. It is a good thing that scientists are drilling down into the common solar cell and eliminating its weaknesses, creating a solar panel that is flexible and thin increases its applications, both in the military and in the common household as well.

Flexible Solar Panel. A Piece of the Future

Do you know that there is a universal solar charger that allows you to plug-in and charge-up your cellphone, iPod, laptop or any other electronic devices? Only in the movies, you think? But it is not. Today, you can recharge your electronic equipment while sunbathing on the wide-stretch of a sandy beach.

The technology behind flexible solar Panel

Application of solar energy for everyday use is made possible thanks to flexible solar panels. It is a panel of solar cells that is made into a thin film using advanced semiconductor materials. The solar cells are deposited in a plastic substrate that is very flexible as compared to the rigid silicon wafers. The resulting product has a number of uses and applications in the household, the building industry and in the military.

Real-life applications

The solar panel is so flexible that you can roll it into sheets without damaging the solar cells. It is dynamic and can conform to any architectural form. Because of this, it has a wide use in modern building structures.

Modern buildings or the so-called “green buildings” use alternative sources of energy (as much as possible), as power source for its electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery. The panel can easily fit into the seam of metal roofing. The good thing about the flexible solar panel is that it would not only be useful for harnessing solar energy for the building but it can also preserve its architectural form and design. Some architectural firms even use it to accent a building’s design.

The flexible solar panel is portable and therefore has many applications in consumer use. For instance, mobile phone and laptop manufacturers are starting to incorporate solar-enabled features into its products to save battery power. This is because the more battery power is saved, the longer the life of a laptop would be.

It is also this portability that made it appealing for military use. The flexible solar cell is widely used as a mobile and portable power source in the military. The military uses fold-able and roll-able solar chargers for their navigation and radio systems.

Aside from this, solar thin films are being made into solar field shelters that not only can supply power but can also provide ample shelter or a temporary base camp. The solar field shelters are very important as it can supply enough power to recharge a bank of batteries that would in turn provide power to lighting, satellite phones, ventilation, laptops, water purification units and refrigerators. The field shelters are available in power shade, quadrant, and temper fly designs.

Power solar chargers have a wide application for household and military use. These solar chargers are useful for recharging applications such as in remote lighting and GPS tracking devices. It can charge or power 12-volt systems, it can charge wireless electronics such as mobile phones and laptops, and it can charge a wide array of lithium and nickel-cadmium batteries. All you need is an extension cord with o-ring connectors for the battery terminals.