Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible Solar Panel. A Piece of the Future

Do you know that there is a universal solar charger that allows you to plug-in and charge-up your cellphone, iPod, laptop or any other electronic devices? Only in the movies, you think? But it is not. Today, you can recharge your electronic equipment while sunbathing on the wide-stretch of a sandy beach.

The technology behind flexible solar Panel

Application of solar energy for everyday use is made possible thanks to flexible solar panels. It is a panel of solar cells that is made into a thin film using advanced semiconductor materials. The solar cells are deposited in a plastic substrate that is very flexible as compared to the rigid silicon wafers. The resulting product has a number of uses and applications in the household, the building industry and in the military.

Real-life applications

The solar panel is so flexible that you can roll it into sheets without damaging the solar cells. It is dynamic and can conform to any architectural form. Because of this, it has a wide use in modern building structures.

Modern buildings or the so-called “green buildings” use alternative sources of energy (as much as possible), as power source for its electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery. The panel can easily fit into the seam of metal roofing. The good thing about the flexible solar panel is that it would not only be useful for harnessing solar energy for the building but it can also preserve its architectural form and design. Some architectural firms even use it to accent a building’s design.

The flexible solar panel is portable and therefore has many applications in consumer use. For instance, mobile phone and laptop manufacturers are starting to incorporate solar-enabled features into its products to save battery power. This is because the more battery power is saved, the longer the life of a laptop would be.

It is also this portability that made it appealing for military use. The flexible solar cell is widely used as a mobile and portable power source in the military. The military uses fold-able and roll-able solar chargers for their navigation and radio systems.

Aside from this, solar thin films are being made into solar field shelters that not only can supply power but can also provide ample shelter or a temporary base camp. The solar field shelters are very important as it can supply enough power to recharge a bank of batteries that would in turn provide power to lighting, satellite phones, ventilation, laptops, water purification units and refrigerators. The field shelters are available in power shade, quadrant, and temper fly designs.

Power solar chargers have a wide application for household and military use. These solar chargers are useful for recharging applications such as in remote lighting and GPS tracking devices. It can charge or power 12-volt systems, it can charge wireless electronics such as mobile phones and laptops, and it can charge a wide array of lithium and nickel-cadmium batteries. All you need is an extension cord with o-ring connectors for the battery terminals.

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