Portable Solar Panels

The Many Uses of Portable Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to harness the solar energy of the sun and convert it into usable energy for electronic devices. Portable solar panels are paper-thin solar sheets that are so flexible that they can be rolled or folded without breaking or damaging the solar cells.

It is because of the high degree of flexibility and durability that foldable solar panels became useful for on-the-go applications, especially in the military and other mobile-based activities.

Portable Solar Panels For Camping Applications

Camping is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities. Young and old people alike can enjoy it. Portable solar panels are very useful for camping or hiking activities. For one, these solar panels are more convenient than fuel power generators.

Fuel generators are more dangerous. The fuel tank is also bulky and more difficult to carry and what would you do if you run out of fuel in the mountains. That would definitely be a major problem.

Portable solar panels can provide enough energy for most of needed applications. There are foldable and rollable solar panels that can fit in most camping bags. The energy source is also available throughout the day. During the night, power stored in portable batteries can be used for lighting or T’V’s and radios.

Foldable Solar Panels For Recharging Applications

Portable panels are also useful for recharging most 12-V devices. It can be used to recharge mobile phones, GPS tracking devices, laptop computers and other similar low-voltage electronic devices and gadgets.

Some of these devices or gadgets even come equipped with portable solar panels such that if ever a particular low battery power level is detected, solar power would immediately be used to recharge the device until full. Mobile equipment such as a laptop may need this kind of recharging system since a laptop battery only has a couple of hours of life.

Flexible Solar Panels For The Military

The military uses a lot of GPS, computers and mobile communication devices out in the field and so a convenient recharging application is a requirement. Portable solar panels have been developed for the military from 15 to about 60 watts of harnessing power. Most of these solar panels are camouflaged as is in most military equipment. These portable panels would provide power in the most difficult situations.

For a higher power requirement, the military uses solar field shelters or solar tents, which they use to store electrical power in battery banks. The military would convert these stored energies into electrical power for most of the needed energy supply of the camp. These can include supplying power to the water-filtering systems, refrigeration systems for the food supply, navigation and radio systems and GPS tracking systems.

The solar field shelters are available in a number of designs depending on the power requirement. If the military needs to move camp, the field shelters can be folded to be set-up on the next camp.

Such convenience of use of the portable solar panels made it a primary requirement for survival. Unlike before that survivors require a stick and dry weather to make a fire. A flexible solar panel maybe all the he needs to survive in the wild.

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