Portable Solar Power

Portable Solar Power Is The Future

Solar energy is one of the alternative sources of electrical power. It was already in use for a number of years in a number of industries and in the military. You can see solar power-producing panels along the roof lining of houses or buildings or the more portable type in calculators and other electronic devices. The military has a good use of it as a portable power source especially in camps and when mobile.

Portable solar power has been in use for years although there have been improvements in solar power entrapment and harnessing technologies. Solar power is better than other alternative sources of energy. A solar power generator has a number of benefits over a diesel, propane or petrol-powered generator.

Portable Solar Power in The Military

The military has a good use of a quiet portable solar power while mobile. Solar power generators have been used to power satellite radio systems, GPS tracking devices and other electronic equipment. The great thing about solar power is that it can provide boundless energy with the right harnessing technology.

The military uses foldable and rollable solar power panels that can provide ample electrical power to electronic devices and gears. Since solar energy is not subject to ripples or spikes, the electronic devices are not vulnerable to damage. Because of this, solar power is a convenient energy source that is crucial to the military.

Solar Power Is Noise-Free

For one, it does not need mechanical gears or contraptions to harness solar energy. Hence it is a quiet piece of equipment that has many uses. A portable solar generator is useful during concerts, especially opera or classically themed concerts. In these types of concerts, noise is a definite a no-no; solar-powered generators is the right choice to provide back-up power.

A quiet and portable solar power would also be useful in the wilds. The wilds can mean the African wilds or the Australian outback. This type of solar power generator is useful for National Geographic or Discovery Channel documentaries and research. Since the primary requirement for effective observation of animals is to blend into their environment, artificial noise is not advisable or it may scare-off the animals, or worse lead wild beasts into a camp.

Solar Power Costs Less

Portable solar power is also useful in times when fuel maybe too pricey for convenience because it does not require any fuel. Current problems in rising fuel costs in the world market can be just the right reason to include a solar powered generator as part of the budget. Since it also has no moving parts, it does not need any oil change or lubrication like most mechanical contraptions. This would mean a cheaper piece of equipment because you do not have to include high maintenance costs as part of operational or overhead budget allocation.

Initial capital costs for investing in a portable solar power maybe more expensive than the common fuel-powered generators but in longer terms, it becomes cheaper because of its very low or negligible maintenance expenses. Actually, maintenance of solar power generators would mostly focus on maintenance of the solar panels. Keeping them clean and dust-free is necessary to keep the solar panels at peak efficiency in trapping solar energy.

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