Solar Energy and Military

Solar Energy and Military. Why Uncle Sam Dabbles on It

We all know that everyone is going Green and many groups have been picketing at the US Congress to stop people and industries from adding more fumes on the earth’s atmosphere. Although solar energy meets the need of people who shout “Save the Environment,” you would be surprise to know that Uncle Sam and the high-ups are into solar energy and military is a big part of it.

The Federal Government has built the largest solar power center yet in the Air Force base in Nevada. The Nellis Air Force houses 140 acres of solar panels. The Nevada solar power plant beats out Serpa Power Plant in Portugal, which previously held the record as the largest solar farm in the world. Portugal’s power plant can generate 11 megawatt of power a day while Nevada boasts of 14.2.

Solar Energy and Military in tactical missions

The Solar energy and military relationship is not limited to powering up bases; it is eyed as the power source that the troops can use during tactical missions.

In today’s world wherein the best army or naval troops are those who have the latest gadgets in tow, the biggest problem that should be solved is how the troops (who are in mission) could power their telecommunication and tactical gadgets without carrying bagfuls of batteries.

Today, with the advent of flexible solar panels, the US Military uses tents with flexible solar panels that power all the sophisticated equipment under the solar tent. Their troops, on the other hand carry a universal solar recharger connected to flexible solar cells to power up some of their carried equipment.

Space-bound solar panels

The most ambitious project in mind to date is the space-bound solar panels that is expected to be created and in full-commission within the next ten years.

It is true that the US Military could just create solar power plants in strategic areas to power their camps and bases. However, this type of energy generating farm has its limitations: its energy storage is limited when it is cloudy and it cannot store energy at night; when there’s no sunlight, there would be no energy.

This is where the space-bound solar panels come in. It is envisioned to be a solar energy source that the military could enjoy all day long, whether it be sunny or cloudy. The 1-kilometer solar panels in space are expected to absore energy emitted by the sun, without any physical (or work of nature) barriers. It will then beam electrical power in a form of microwaves or laser down to the base camp receiver

And since the solar panels are in space, it could be available for use anywhere. That’s something the US Military greatly needs: a portable solar power source that never dries up even when nightfall comes.

We can expect more project on solar energy and military is (undoubtedly) would be behind it. It would be great thing especially if they perfect this technology. Energy from home would be free forever until the sun stops shining.

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