Solar Generators

The Future Of Solar Generators

The demand for solar generators has been increasing since the decrease in cost per megawatt power of generated power using photovoltaic or solar cells. The reason behind this is due to the latest advancements in the field of photovoltaic technology. Now, solar power generators can do the work of most fuel-based generators at a lower cost.

Increasing Demand For Solar Generators

On summer of 2007, a provider of transportable solar generator won the bidding wars for a solar generator project. The project entails constructing three solar powered generators along the US Central Coast that will power high frequency radar infrastructure. The project is near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Supplying power to remote coasts can be difficult and costly, yet solar generators can do the job and at less a cost, too. The solar panels are connected to battery banks that stores energy during sunny days.

Solar generators of today can now provide enough electricity to power well pumps and even radar towers. Depending on the power requirement, solar energy can even power a small house or a cabin.

Aside from this, it also has a number of recharging options if the weather is not that sunny. Combustion generators and utility power sources can be used to recharge solar generators. Even considering the rainy season, it may still be reasonable to invest on a solar generator.

How Does It Work

Solar generators can be conveniently housed inside a trailer body that comes complete with wheels for ease of transportation. The solar panels are constructed outside of the trailer and its position can be controlled depending on the level of sunlight. On the other hand, the large battery banks can be placed inside the trailer, secured.

The solar panels then trap solar energy and store it in the battery banks through a charge controller. Using an inverter, the DC electricity stored in the battery banks are converted into AC electricity.

The advantage of the set-up is that when power is not needed, it would simply be stored in the battery banks. At night, even without sunlight, power stored in the battery banks can be used that could last for a couple of hours.

Maintaining Solar Generators

Solar powered generators owe their appeal to low maintenance. The only maintenance required for them is maintenance of battery banks and solar panels.

The battery banks are maintained with an occasional re-filling of distilled water. Battery banks can last a long time as long as it is kept working in pristine order through proper maintenance.

The solar panels are the ones, which harness the solar energy from the sun so they must be kept clean and dust or grime-free all the time.

Other than these two, the solar generators basically run on its own with the automatic harnessing and storing of solar energy from the sun. With such a low maintenance required keeping the solar generator running, it would definitely make it one of the best, if not the very best alternative source of energy.

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