Solar Power Generator

Why a Solar Power Generator

You know that the world is getting polluted every minute because of man-made wastes. While everyone else are looking for ways to avoid contributing to pollution, there is also a silent but pressing need to identify an alternative source of energy that can help save the environment and prevent Greenhouse Effect from getting to the extreme.

There are a number of alternatives out there, some of which you might have heard already — hydroelectric power, wind power, biofuel plants — but everything seems to be on a macro level. Is there something that can be done on a personal level?┬áThe answer to that is a solar power generator . Not only that it can be used to provide enough power to a small house; it is also a good way of helping the community keep the environment clean.

Solar Power Generator: Why Only Now?

1. Back in the days, a solar powered generator had a limited number of application and use but current demand for it is increasing. This increase in demand was mainly because of advancements in Photovoltaic or PV technology, which is the technology that converts solar energy into a usable energy such as electricity.

Also, Solar power that was harnessed through a solar cell was limited because the silicon material used was not that effective in collecting and eventually trapping solar energy.

Today, solar cells have a higher efficiency in trapping solar energy because of newer materials introduced such as amorphous silicon.

2. Advancements in substrate materials have also contributed to the high demand for solar power generator systems. Previously, silicon wafer substrates were used but now, plastic substrates are used. This results to a more flexible and durable solar cell as compared to the rigid structure of solar cells in silicon wafer substrates.

Both advances in solar cell technology resulted to a better and improved solar generator.

3. Old solar power sytems were used to provide back-up power to satellites in space. Today, a solar power generator can be commissioned to supply power to small houses and cabins, radar towers, well pumps and lighthouses.

Mobile Solar Powered Generators

The advancement in technology made the solar power generator more usable and reasonable. But what made it popular to the public? When flexible solar panels came into production, it was only a matter of time for scientists to make solar panels fit for mobile use.

Field operations of the military require a lot of mobility and using a portable solar system to supply the required power of its equipment is the practical thing to do. The solar generator actually became a requirement for emergency situations and search and rescue activities.

To the public, the flexible solar power generator became a necessary back-up power at home. Smaller foldable power chargers were also developed to power electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

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