Solar Powered Generator

The Benefits of Solar Powered Generator

A solar powered generator can be the one you need for your home. It provides enough back-up power to supply electricity to necessary appliances in the house. Aside from this, it can benefit you with state tax incentives, tax credits and an alternative source of income.

It all depends with what you can do with your creative mind. Proponents of solar generators were able to do just that by using solar panels to produce electricity and provide ample shelter for cars.

Integration of A Solar Powered Generator In The Community

In the Southern California area, there was a formation of solar powered generators that are called solar groves or solar trees. These were constructed not only to harness solar energy but also to serve as a parking lot for cars. On a clear day, the parking lot would appear like it was constructed straight out of a science fiction movie.

High above metal poles, the solar panels were placed and arranged to appear like roof shelters. What customers do not know is that the metallic blue panels also serve as a solar power generator producing usable electricity. Over all, the solar cells can supply up to 17 kilowatts of electricity.

Solar Generator In The Home

Fitting solar-powered generator pairs into a design such as that of a parking lot is very ingenious indeed. Adopting the design to cover an open space is a good idea but you can think of other ingenious designs for solar powered generators pairs as well.

For instance, why not turn the roof of the house into pairs of solar panels. The slanted design of the roof of a house is perfect for sunlight that would directly hit the surface of the solar panel. There will be no problem as long as the solar panels are constructed at the side of the roof that faces the sun. You now have a futuristic roof design while also saving monthly electricity costs for your home.

Integrating a solar powered generator to your home would not only result to money savings. It can also be a valuable contribution to the “green movement.” Because of this, most US states are implementing tax incentives and credits to reward those who use a solar generator.

Solar generators are also used by the military

What Is The Real Deal

As explained, a solar powered generator is cleaner and greener as compared to fuel-powered generators. It does not require any oil or lubricants for maintenance and so does not stink like other oil-dependent equipment. It also does not release any by-product to the environment unlike that of the fuel-powered generators, which releases harmful carbon dioxide into the air. Since it has no moving parts, it is also very quiet as compared to the noisy idling of a standard utility generator.

You have your savings and tax incentives, you can also contribute to a cleaner and safer environment; notwithstanding these positive benefits, people may contend that a solar generator is too costly to purchase.

True, a powerhouse solar powered generator can be costly but the savings that one can earn from using the generator can be more than that for a lifetime.

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